We invite exhibitors to be a part of the press area at NYIBW by submitting press kits for display during the Market. More than 350 journalists are expected to attend the show. Our hope is that your company will gain maximum exposure to the media throughout the show.

If you would like press kits available to the media in the press area, please drop off no more than 10 kits, beginning Friday, October 9 from 12pm – 4pm. The press area will be in the Show Office.

You are welcome to pick up any of your remaining press kits in the press area on October 11 by 5 pm. Press kits that are not picked up will be recycled.

How to Prepare a Press Kit

It is important that you present your product and/or services to the press. Commonly asked questions include:

What is a press kit?

A press kit is an important packet conveniently assembled for the media to review. Most public relations professionals use simple tools to compile a press kit, starting with a two-pocket folder, plastic envelope, or even a paper envelope. We highly suggest CD press kits in lieu of the more traditional folder format.

What goes into a press kit?

A press kit usually consists of the following:

  • Press release(s)
  • Company fact sheet/brief company history
  • Related company news                
  • CD with high res images and descriptions
  • Company brochures

What is a press release?

A press release is a brief announcement that contains newsworthy material. Explain the innovative aspects or the benefits of your product. A release is written in the style of an article (in the third person). This means that part of – or the entire – release could be used word for word in a publication. It can conclude with a paragraph about your company’s background. On the first page, always include the date, the appropriate contact’s name and professional title, phone number and e-mail address for people to call for more information. Press releases are usually one or two pages in length.

Is it necessary to put our company’s name and booth number on the cover of every press kit?

Yes. If an editor or reporter picks up your kit, wants to stop by and readily sees the booth number on the press kit, he or she saves time by not having to look up the location in the show directory.

Does every photo on the CD need to be identified?

Yes. An editor will be more inclined to work with a designer who is organized and presents an array of choices.

Should past articles be enclosed in the kit?

If your company was written up in a major newspaper or magazine, you may wish to add a copy of the article, but it is not an essential component for your press kit.

Is a business card necessary in a press kit?

No. A business card may be enclosed but it is not necessary. The contact name, telephone number and e-mail address on the press release should be the person whom the press calls for more information.